Daily Choices

We make more choices in our daily lives than we notice. For those of us looking to grow, we need to be aware of the choices we make and take responsibility for them.

Also, we need to be proactive by watching our thoughts and words. Instead of saying what we don’t want, we need to be able to identify what we want.

This is something that I will always be working on, and I can only do my best to own up to my decisions on a daily basis.The following are some of the many choices that I made today:

  1. I don’t want to wake up and go to that multifamily forecast. I want more sleep, and I want to relax more this morning. I choose to not drive in rush hour traffic, I choose rest.
  2. I choose to work on DVA 2016 planning preparation. It’s an event that I am excited to volunteer for, and I want it to be successful.
  3. I choose to go to house #1 to start getting it ready for my next guests. I want to get started on the laundry.
  4. I don’t want to eat something too heavy. I want to eat Pokinometry, so I choose to go there.
  5. I choose to go to house #2 to see the process. I would like to stay here until the guests come. I want to do a little bit of finishing touches here (guests need to come to a clean and beautiful home).
  6. I want and choose to do some weight training today.
  7.  After weight training, I am exhausted. I don’t think I can do strenuous interval cardio.  I can do interval cardio, but I choose to rest instead because my body wants to take a break before it feels too burnt out.
  8. This dance looks hard to learn. I don’t think I can learn it quickly. It will be a challenge, but I can definitely do it! I want to learn this dance!

Yeup, I can definitely work on being more aware of my choice of words and actions, but I’m happy to know that I’m making progress!

Thank you, [numerous sources], for reminding me to be aware of my choices as I continue on this journey of personal development.

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