Simple and Organized Happiness

Earlier this week, I helped a friend order a brand new car – not just any car, though – a Jaguar F-Type S Coupe. Yes, that automobile is so beautiful. I test drove one, and a stream of positive feelings flowed through me.

On the way home, I sat in silence while observing my body’s reactions from driving the car. My entire body had a light tingle, creating a sense of warmth in me. After a moment, I told dad with a sort of stupid smile, “That was the most beautiful car I’ve ever driven.”

He responded, “When you have money, you can buy whatever you want.”

I said, “Yes, but even when you do have money and you buy whatever you want, the happiness that you feel from making a purchase is only temporary, and the cycle of buying more continues. Realizing that, it’s easier to let go of materialistic desires.”

Dad thinks he has taught me well.

Before, I would turn to shopping for clothes, accessories, shoes, and beauty products to make myself feel happier, especially after feeling stress or anger. I accumulated things, and the more I accumulated, the less “complete” I felt. Eventually, I was lost in my own mess. Once the major turning point came late last year, I realized that 1) true happiness comes from within, not from seeking external pleasures, and 2) I want to live a simple life. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidyness by Marie Kondo, taught me to declutter and organize my belongings, which had an uplifting effect on my spirit. Thanks to her book, I now have two sections of my life clear and organized: my car and closet. While it’s not my entire room or house, I’m proud that I now have a simple and clean closet and car.

My dad must have mixed feelings about this change because all my life, he told me to live simply, clean, and unattached to things, yet it took a short book for me to finally change in one go. I’m sure he’s happier about it than not, haha (love you, papa!).

So, an individual’s happiness stems from within. The items we keep must spark joy, or else they’re not worth keeping. What we keep and how we have our belongings organized is also a reflection of ourselves. It’s a balance. We must be happy on our own, and be happy with what we own.

I’m not saying that I’m no longer materialistic. I still like some of the finer things in life, yes. However, getting a hold of these luxuries no longer have as much of an impact on me as before. I don’t feel the need for these luxuries in order for me to happy. I am happy with what I have, and I understand that I am in charge of my own happiness. No amount of brand-name items will make me permanently happy, but I can make myself happy by maintaining a positive attitude, appreciating, and living in the moment.

Thank you, beautiful F-Type S, for making me experience exhilaration in the moment, and reminding me that happiness come from within myself. You are not responsible for making me happy, I let you do so, and so you did. I hope you will be well taken care of!

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