Beauty in Nature

I went on an impromptu, heavily time-constrained hike this morning, and the sign at the trailhead read, “May your search through nature lead you to yourself.” Beautiful.


It was a cool, cloudy day with light drizzle at Chantry Flats, Sierra Madre.

As I walked down the trail, overlooking the vastness beyond me, I thought…

No matter what situation – fog and rain, or blue skies and sunshine – the beauty of nature does not go away. It is everlasting. Even when elemental damages leave nature scarred, sooner or later, its beauty will rise again. Maybe in a different form, but still very beautiful.

As a part of nature, humans are the same way. Even when there’s fog and rain in an individual’s life, there is still beauty within each human being. For those who have come into my life, whether you are of my past or present, I can see beauty in each and every one of you.

Reflecting on myself, I am also the same. No matter what my life situation is, I know that my beauty, though shifting at times, still remains. It’s endless, from the deep core of the earth to the infinite universe. Sometimes, it’s tough to feel this about myself, especially when I’m broken, but I realize that I’m beautifully broken. :’)

Thank you, Chantry Flats, for showing me that even when it’s foggy and raining, your beauty remains. Thank you for allowing me to see my beautifully broken self through you. Today’s hike was very short, but extremely meaningful. I will see you again to appreciate the rest of your beauty soon.

2 thoughts on “Beauty in Nature

  1. I totally agree about the magic and beauty of nature! So many of us have forgotten how important our connection is to Mother Earth. I love the healing that comes from being near a forest, or lake or river. Lovely post!

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