I (We) Take Shit.

I (We) Take Shit.

Love and its many faces.

The joys I felt when I gave, especially to you, Love. You asked, I gave. Even when you didn’t ask, I gave. No matter how I was feeling, my greatest joy was in giving to you, seeing you smile, and what a beautiful smile you had.

We’ve been separated for quite a while now, yet I’m understanding you more, and I dare say that I’m becoming more like you. A refreshing culture shock told me recently, “You take shit. I don’t take any shit. And I give A LOT of shit, and you take all my shit.” His words brought me back to the times when you took all my shit. And I gave you A LOT of shit. That’s when I realized how you felt every single time you absorbed my shit. That was one of the greatest ways that you loved me. If what you did was not love, then I don’t know what is…

Thank you, Marvin, for loving me the way you did, and for being my inspiration. I understand that there are many ways to love, but this is something that has stuck with me post separation. So once again, with utmost gratitude, thank you so much.

I also thank the refreshing culture shock for triggering this realization. Thanks, boo!

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