Love is a Choice

textgram_1466135384It’s not that things didn’t work out
It was a choice
And a relationship
Takes two to tango

Leaving me in the dust

Loving someone is a choice. Loving is action. I believe it’s absolute bullshit when you said that “things didn’t work out between us.” That was your excuse of saying that you gave up, didn’t want to go through the journey with me anymore. I was completely drained, yet I still continued to try my best to fight on for us. But, you? Say it for what it is, dude. YOU GAVE UP. And you know what? That’s okay. It’s okay it give up. It doesn’t make us failures. You were mature to know when to give up while I held on foolishly, determined to make it last. For that, I applaud you.

I firmly believe that the break up was for the best. I learned most of my lessons post separation, and I am committed to growth and change. I will not make the same mistakes that I made in my future relationships. Communication was our biggest weakness, and at least I can say that I am making improvements on that. I am trying to better myself. 

Today, I choose to love you from afar, in spirit, tucked away in a little nook within myself. I’ve already let go of us, and this scar that I have from our broken relationship is the love I will forever have for you.

Thank you for inspiring me once again, Marvin.

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