Comfortably Naked

Today, I visited the famous Beitou Hot Springs in Taiwan. This was my very first time experiencing these heavenly creations, and I experienced them naked. It felt very awkward walking into the hot springs in broad daylight in front of other women who were staring at me while I made my entrance. Though the comfort of the hot springs quickly released me from any discomfort I had about being fully exposed.

As I settled down, I began observing the other women. It was a very interesting sight of mainly ah-ma’s mingling and relaxing. Scars, wrinkles, pudge, other “flaws…” I saw it all. I saw how unique each woman was with their quirky nooks and crannies, marks from previous experiences that have shaped them to be who they are today. Seeing the older women especially allowed me to imagine my body in its elderly years. A wave of gratefulness hit me as I thought about all of the damage that my body has absorbed all these years.

So today, I thank my body for keeping me going. I thank it for surviving in the past, running to let me live in the now, and fighting to give me the best future it can. I will do my best to love and take care of my body, and not be ashamed of my physical appearance. Thank you, my beautiful and unique body. ❤

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