Fullest Moon.

Once a year, the fullest Moon illuminates the Earth with her greatest intensity, disabling our ability to conceal ourselves in the darkness of night. When we peek through our fears and hidden selves, we realize that the Moon is not endangering us. Instead, her soft glow reminds us that we are human beings, imperfectly perfect in our own quirky ways. She tells us that it is okay to feel lost and to let go of ourselves once in a while. She reassures us with her brightest, warmest embrace that everything will be okay. 

Mid-Autumn Festival (中秋節) is a Chinese/Vietnamese holiday that occurs on the fullest moon of every year. This year’s view reminded me of the night sky I saw when I camped in the jungles of Phong Nha Ke Bang, Vietnam. The sky was a gorgeous deep blue, the moon had a crisp, snow white brilliance, and the contrast between the two hues was breathtaking. The moon was so bright that, to my amazement, few stars were visible. I saw a similar night scene in my light-polluted hometown.

That night, I dreamed about someone I bonded with a while back. Perhaps he appeared because I thought about my adventures in Vietnam, where we met. Hearing his voice so clearly and accurately in my dream really surprised me  because I had already forgotten his voice in real life. I woke up feeling a bit fearful, invaded, defeated, and lonely. I missed him so much that day. It was as if the Moon told me, “Here, let me show you your true feelings so you can face them, and I’m telling you now that everything will be okay.”

Everything is okay, Moon. Thanks for having me dive into my deepest feelings. Through this interesting (and slightly painful) experience, I was reminded that it’s important to pause occasionally and check up on ourselves. I was keeping myself so occupied with other aspects in life that I failed to pay attention to my overall well-being. Now that I’ve given myself a chance to practice some self-care, I feel a lot better. So thank you again, Moon.

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