Earlier this month, I attended a business luncheon featuring an entertaining and engaging leadership speaker, Chris Heeter, wilderness guide and founder of The Wild Institute. The theme was “Wild,” correlating leadership, teamwork, and personal development with experiences in the wilderness and dog sledding. The following are my takeaways from her speech:

  1. Don’t become stuck with the old and know when to give up: A solution that worked for one thing won’t necessarily work for another. If we’ve tried to solve a problem using a solution that hasn’t worked, then we need to stop and observe, refresh our minds, and find a new solution. Change is important.
  2. Everyone has a gift: Embrace diversity, accept that everyone is unique. Rather than molding someone to fit in, discover his/her strengths and enhance them! This would create a better environment for the person, as well as increase overall team productivity and synergy.
  3. Care: We never know what goes on in other people’s lives, so let’s be conscious of our attitudes and actions towards others. A little helping hand can go a long way for both the receiver and giver.

Thanks for the fun and inspiring presentation, Chris! I enjoyed hearing passion in your stories and life lessons.

(The dogs were so cute!)

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