Funeral Chants, Birthday Songs

Today, I attended a funeral, celebrated birthdays, and started to welcome the next zodiac year. Honoring the different milestones today brought me back to the much-needed view of the big picture. I’ve been overthinking about quite minuscule matters lately, so this day full of events was a reminder that we mustn’t always be caught in the details. Ironically, that’s losing focus.

If it won’t matter in a year, then there’s not much of a point in thinking so hard. Let the thoughts pass quickly, and move forward. If it will matter, then take action.

Today, I thank the coincidences and timing of events, for reminding me to not lose myself in the process of overthinking. Sometimes the answers are  simply found at different focal lengths, so we must accommodate various focuses and look at all distances. Cheers.

As an aside, it was definitely odd experiencing such different atmospheres and crowds throughout the day. Also reminds me of how small I am, and how in the end, I don’t matter to the universe.

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