Hi, I’m Connie!

Life is a gift – a potentially dangerous one, but when treated well, will do wonders for the being. This personal blog is about being aware in our daily lives and appreciating things, big and little. When we are more aware, we are more keen to learning little lessons throughout our lives. While mainly for myself, I hope that anyone who stumbles upon my public introspections will find some sort of inspiration and/or happiness to enrich their lives. 🙂

I’m a Southern California native, currently in Los Angeles. Sentimental free spirit. Love the beaches and traveling. A city dweller slightly more than nature seeker. Always looking for new adventures. Wannabe business/real estate nerd. Overly sensitive to visuals and sounds. EDM/R&B/Soul. Try Guys fan. Dog lover. Food lover, especially sushi and ice cream. Naruto 4lyfe.