Myself & Them

“Listen to us.
We know what is best for you.”
My soul sobs as my shell becomes
spellbound by the songs of Them.
Ugh… Forget about being heard,
I only want equilibrium for myself.

I was recently introduced to the dynamic and mesmerizing world of fine art, thanks to a new friend who is quite active within the Los Angeles art community. While supporting him at his solo art show at the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood, I stumbled upon the art exhibit of Yu JinYoung, who’s sculptures represent the social disparities we are often exposed to throughout our lives. This series is called “Myself & Them.” The heavy feeling of responding to the outside world while taking care of our own inner world really resonated within me, as I questioned my life choices and potential trajectories, as well as my own influence throughout my social circle. Oh, the struggles of dealing with the words of others while treasuring the dreams of my inner being, and balancing life. Being human sure isn’t easy, but it’s a gift we must cherish and nurture to the best of our abilities.

Thanks,  Yu JinYoung, for welcoming me into your exhibition and allowing me to bond with your amazing pieces. Through my experience with your art, I am learning how to love myself in this world full of social disparities that continue to challenge my personal values. Also, a thank you to my new friend, for introducing me to his fascinating world. Cheers.


It is a real challenge (at least for me, it is) to grasp what someone means when they say, “Follow your passion. Do what you want to do.” What if I have lived my entire life up until this point not knowing what my passion is, let alone my hobbies and interests?

I couldn’t continue living like this anymore – being so out of touch with myself, not truly listening, caring about stupid things that made me lose sight of want really mattered. I was scared all my life, so I numbed myself. I lived life like a robot, pretending to be a happy young woman who has it all at such a young age, but is really just an empty shell. But now, slowly but surely, I go at my own pace, open my mind, and gradually figure myself out in this world brought with the difficulties from the paradox of options. I want to find my passions. This journey is not meant to be easy, but I can already see progress in just a span of three months. 🙂

Thank you, Kobe, for proving to me what it looks like to not just follow your passion, but to input your 1000%+ efforts into your passion. You did what you wanted to do, and you made it. Thank you for being an inspiration. Cheers to the legend you are!