I used to have to order all drinks extra sweet. I instantaneously lost that sweet tooth a few months ago, thinking that losing that sweet tooth symbolized that I had lost the “sweetness” in my life. Even the barely-sweet goods were too sweet for me.

Today, I drank a small portion of pink lemonade, which led me to look back at this odd little sequence in life. Perhaps I didn’t lose the sweetness in my life, it was merely me not seeing how unhealthy I was in mind, body, soul, and spirit. I sought for more and more sweets, yet my cravings remained unsatisfied. I relied on external pleasures (overworking, fattening foods, other people) to make up for what I lacked internally to make myself “happy.”

That was me before. Things are different now. 🙂

Thanks, pink lemonade, for helping me see that I am my own sweetness; and who I am and what I have today is enough.